The Sophistimacated Wit of Chuck Watkins Esq, standup (2009)

The Cold Hand of Justice, musical comedy (2014)

Fitnesscise, musical comedy (2015)

The Ultimate 2016 GOP Mixtape, musical comedy (2016)

Behind The Curtain, musical comedy (2016)

Chuck Watkins: 
Dangerous Gibberish

Chuck Watkins is a bombastic comedian & music maker from Austin, Texas.  Chuck is known for weaving jokes, music, and sketch elements together to create delightfully strange and unique performances.

Chuck has performed his offbeat antics  on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham (season 4), at JFL Montreal, SanFran SketchFest, SXSW, Laughing Skull Fest, and many more cool places. 

He spends his days writing scripts and music, and his nights telling jokes. 

Chuck currently lives in Los Angeles at your mom's house.

photo  by Erin Holonback.